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Do you have 48 Inches required for equipment access
We need 48 Inches of access for our track machine used for drilling your post holes.
If you are in a new subdivision please tell us the name of it in the next field to help us find your location. Drilling holes, or installing posts and piles in established areas generally requires more labour than new subdivisions as we have to deal with access, trees, roots and concrete from old fence posts. Is the location we will be drilling the holes a new subdivision? If ‘No’ please include a picture in the attachment area of the location you require the holes, this will give us a better idea of how much labour will be involved.
If your property pins cannot be located, the only 100% way know you are installing your fence in the correct location is by having a land surveyor mark your property lines before we install. Please see Professional Alberta Land Surveyors we recommend at our Pre-Construction web page who can mark your Property Lines or complete Real Property Reports.
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Fence Tech can mark out hole/pile locations based on project, however if you mark the holes on your own, with marking paint or spikes you will save money on labour. Will you have the hole locations marked?
Enter the approximate height your deck will be at the highest point to the ground
Would you like us to include in the quote removal of your old fence?
Please let us know how deep you would like your post or pile holes or how deep you would like your piles installed. Our standard depth is 3' for posts and 6' for piles.
Please let us know of any additional infomation we may need to know about your project

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