Deck Pile Installation in Edmonton and Area

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Deck Pile Installation in Edmonton and Area Deck Pile Installation screw piles edmonton

Fence Tech Inc. specializes in Deck Pile Installation in Edmonton and area. We use screw piles for any deck where piles are required. OUR PILES MEET CODE FOR ANY DECK WHERE PERMITS ARE REQUIRED Deck Pile Installation screw piles edmonton

A good foundation is always a great start. We know all to well the importance of this, which is why Fence Tech Inc. installs quality engineered helical screw piles which are manufactured in a CWB Certified facility here in Edmonton, Alberta. We install the highest quality screw pile products on the market, which can be custom built to accommodate any application and ground conditions and are built to last as a solid permanent foundation method for any deck.

Advantages of using screw piles for your deck project:

Minimal  disturbance to landscaping – Screw pile installations do not require any auguring or digging to install and can be installed for small residential jobs with our smaller machine utilizing turf safe tracks (our smaller machine is only 44″ wide). To install a conventional concrete pile, you would need a large machine which would damage landscaping, or not fit in a finished yard at all.

No mess – Because screw piles are screwed into place using the integral helix system, no auguring is required, leaving no cleanup.  For most deck permits, an equivalent to our deck screw piles would be a concrete 12′ x 12″ pile which would leave approximately 4 wheel barrows of clay per pile, the clay removal itself is a huge labour/cost.

Deck building permits – Our screw piles can be used for permits where concrete piles are called for, in most cases 12″ x 12′ concrete piles. We offer engineer stamped drawings of our piles with torque to load graphs, which can be given to our customers when required for the permit process.

Piece of mind  – Get piece of mind knowing your newly installed screw piles will not move. We install our screw piles as deep as necessary to achieve the desired torque which will ensure the pile can handle it’s maximum potential load.  We also make certain the helix area of the pile is anchored well below the frost line, Although our national standard is to install 7 foot helical screw piles to get below a 6 foot frost line, Geotechnical engineers have found the frost line as low as 7.5  feet in some soil types around the Greater Edmonton Area.  This means you require a screw pile which is longer than 7 feet. This  is why Fence Tech Inc standard piles stocked are 8′ and 10’ piles ensuring the helix (bottom screw type plate which holds most of the bearing weight) is well below the frost line.

Recycling – If years down the road you decide to change the layout of your deck, move your mobile home or change a sign location your screw piles can be moved or re-positioned by simply unscrewing  and re-installing in the new location.

Quick installation – Installation is quick. In most cases it takes less than 5 min/pile and with no downtime waiting for concrete to set, construction on your project can start the same day

Laser leveling option – With our optional laser leveling we can level and cut all piles to the same height so you can either place your beam directly on our 8″ offset pile caps, or cut all posts that make up the difference to the beam at the same height. This will safe you hours of labour and help in the process of building a professional built look. Deck Pile Installation screw piles edmonton


Are you wanting to build your own deck, but don’t have the equipment to install a solid foundation, an essential part of your deck and the difference between a sinking deck and one that will stand the test of time? We can help. Fill out our to ‘Screw Pile Installation’ quote form and our staff will be happy to provide pricing and more deck pile detail, getting you one step closer to your new deck. Click here to receive your quote now!

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