Post Install

Fence Tech Inc. offers post installations for new residential developments only. Correct post installation is the most important component of building a fence. If you, the homeowner, prefer to build your own fence, let us get your project started on the right foot. Fence Tech Inc. is not one of the many “post install only” companies. We also build complete fences from which our knowledge is reflected when we install your fence posts. From proper spacing to correct installation depth, we make sure your posts are installed correctly, so when it comes time to build, you are working with the correct framework. We own turf safe mini and large skidsteer track units and concrete mixers which enables us to drill the proper size post hole (12″x 3′ – 12″ x 4’) and fill the holes to the top of rough grade with concrete. We also offer specialized post install for pole sheds and various other projects.

NOTE: For new developments posts should be installed after receiving rough grade certificate, before any landscaping is started. Installing posts after final grade or newly installed grass will cause unnecessary damage to your new landscaping

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